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45 Cook St #3D


PINE is a tangible emporium of aptitude, a non-virtual, non-glossy magazine, featuring artists, rebels and pioneers.

The Founders





Laurie is a Manhattan-based writer/editor. She studied film at Boston University before working at New York City's The Jewish Museum for five years. She then earned a Costume Studies Masters degree at New York University, composing a thesis detailing the cultural implications of American-made denim and jeans’ superpower abilities to morph and thrive. She was selected to present her denim conclusions at the University’s Visual Culture Symposium in 2014. Her words have appeared in Bias: Journal of Dress PracticeAtlas Magazine and on Stylesight. Besides denim, Laurie loves music and anything vintage--she is a huge Dylan fan, never tiring of his killer one-liners, and The Rolling Stones, forever jumping at the chance to watch Jagger shake his ass, and her heart beats faster when she enters a cluttered antique/junk shop.





 Anna is a photographer and digital collage artist living in Brooklyn and dreaming of Paris. Through her work she seeks to glorify all women, not just those deemed worthy due to their youth, size, and conventional beauty. Her pictures have appeared in Adult Magazine: Exposures, Creem, Wolf, and Schon Magazines. She is stimulated by psychic readings, 70s vampires and witches, old master paintings, surrealist films, 19th century Spiritualism, radical women and the body. When not photographing, Anna loves eating and drinking, preferably outdoors.